Living Connections, Yupik Tattooing Today

I previously posted an article about the story of Yaari Kingeekuk a Yupik artist who lives and works in Alaska as a cultural teacher and educator, and who is embodying her culture with traditional tattoos. I have gained her permission to post a few photos of her. Another Indigenous person in the process engaging the hegemonic ideal of beauty by tattooing the face. As I was looking over the pictures I have been able to acquire, both historical and contemporary of Indigenous people with facial tattoos I am struck by the beauty that is Indigenous facial tattooing. I know it doesn’t really fit into the mainstream conception of beauty, because it seems the face is the last holy place when it comes to contemporary tattooing. But if you get the chance look over the pictures and admire the beauty that is embodied in them.

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Siberian Yupik Tattoo Revival

As I was thumbing through Colin Dale’s Facebook page I found this exciting article that was posted on one of my favorite tattoo blogs it is from the Anchorage Daily News which Features Yaari Kingeekuk and her beautiful ancestral tattoos.

Check the article out here

She tells of her life in this beautiful video clip which is filled with pictures of her life and family.

These two pieces I found on here:

The Last Tattoos of St Lawrence Island, Lars krutak

This is another article about the tradition of  skin stitch tattooing among the Indigenous peoples of St Lawrence Island.

At the end of this article he talks about the dying tradition, check out my next post and see it being revived.

Many Stitches for life: The Antiquity of Thread and Needle Tattooing, Lark Krutak

This is the article which brought me to the connection with the Inuit and Northern peoples, which brought me to find Alethea Arnaquq-Baril and her documentary. This article shows some Nlaka’ pamux facial tattoos, which are accounted in “Tattooing and Face and Body Painting of the Thompson Indians British Columbia” by James Teit.

Tattoos of the Hunter-Gatherers of the Arctic, Lars Krutak

Here is an article by the tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutak, it is concerning the skin stitch tattoos of the Indigenous peoples of the Arctic.

You can check him and his work out at