maitreya – Sin City ft. AWA (Nesian Mystik) Moko Tattoo Music Video

This is a Music video which tells the story of one Moko wearer, it feature Maori Tattoo Artist Turumakina Duleyz. This video speaks to one of the reasons I am so passionate about the revival of my cultural tattooing practices, and one of the reasons I think it is so important for Indigenous youth and our struggle for identity in this world of fluid fads and fashions. My passion comes from the loss of a dear young friend of mine, a young man with so much life and so much to live for, but he decided it was time to leave this plain of existence and took his life into his own hands. Suicide is such a problem for our peoples globally and especially the youth, I am just trying to do something for the people to be, something that may help cement them into their culture and their life.

Watch this video its inspiring, because it speaks to my heart, and encourages me to continue my struggle to make a difference.

Turumakina Duley Ta Moko History Channel “Ancient Ink”

Turumakina Is the artist in the previous post on Moko, I remember him from the documentary done by the History Channel entitled “Ancient Ink” here are two portions of that program that feature Trurmakina Duley.

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Maori Ta Moko

Ever since the first time I seen Maori style tattoos I feel in love with them, I can’t remember where or when but they have always fascinated me. Actually the little booklet that I found in the local tattoo shop about my ancestors tattoos was found when i went in to get my Maori inspired tattoo which occupies my right arm.

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