Teaser Trailer for my mini Documentary Indigenous Ink

Documentary Indigenous Ink

I am just starting to update this blog with some of the work I have been doing since I started my masters degree at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. This is a teaser trailer for a mini doc I produced as part of the class “Digital Filmmaking for activists and scholars”. It was the first time I did any sort of video editing, recording of interviews etc. I am cleaning up the final project and will be posting it within the next few weeks.


Indigenous Ink

Cold Warps, Stupid Tattoos Music Video

This post has nothing to do with Indigenous Tattooing but everything to do with Modern Tattooing, when I seen it I had to post it. I have begun to realize the other day that to deny that portion of me that is not at all Indigenous, the portion that comes from being brought up in an Indigenous diaspora, predominately in an urban environment is deny part of who I am. Just as George Nuku said the ancient and the modern have to merge otherwise we do not have current reality (my paraphrase).

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maitreya – Sin City ft. AWA (Nesian Mystik) Moko Tattoo Music Video

This is a Music video which tells the story of one Moko wearer, it feature Maori Tattoo Artist Turumakina Duleyz. This video speaks to one of the reasons I am so passionate about the revival of my cultural tattooing practices, and one of the reasons I think it is so important for Indigenous youth and our struggle for identity in this world of fluid fads and fashions. My passion comes from the loss of a dear young friend of mine, a young man with so much life and so much to live for, but he decided it was time to leave this plain of existence and took his life into his own hands. Suicide is such a problem for our peoples globally and especially the youth, I am just trying to do something for the people to be, something that may help cement them into their culture and their life.

Watch this video its inspiring, because it speaks to my heart, and encourages me to continue my struggle to make a difference.