Lar Krutak’s TED Talk, “The Cultural Heritage of Tattooing.”

Check out Lars Krutak’s TED Talk, he does an amazing job outlining the importance of Indigenous tattoo knowledge and the need to document your nations tattooing practices. I am honoured to have been mentioned during this presentation and am thankful for the work that he has done and continues to do.


Weaving research with community action

Research with community action

This summer I was asked to visit with a group of youth painting a mural to be placed along Highway One on the Neskonlith Indian Band, near Chase BC. This meeting was to help provide some insight into which traditional tattoos should be used in the mural. After meeting with this amazing group of  Secwepemc youth and leaving some information with them I could not wait to see the mural when it was done.

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Days Activities and Inuit and Algonquian tattooing

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth trying to get paperwork filled out and right, so as to have my trip next week approved I became a little obsessed with my archival research and almost didn’t stop staring into the computer monitor. I have updated the website and found many new examples of Inuit and Algonquian tattooing. I have not found any Nlaka’pamux tattoo examples but am enjoying bringing these resources forward to help other Indigenous peoples reclaim their traditional tattoos.

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Archival Research

I am just beginning my second week of research project that is searching for primary source documents of my ancestors tattooing practices, the Nlaka’pamux. As I search the online archives it has been proving difficult to find specific photos that reference my ancestors I have uncovered as few that are records of other nations.  I am hopeful that when I get into the actual physical local archives that some more things will surface, I will be posting more pictures as I find them here is a painting done by George Catlin of a Sioux woman with chin tattoos.

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Kootenai or Kootenay Indigenous women with Facial Tattoos

While searching the BC Archives digitized photos under the keyword Indian I found this amazing photo of a Kootenai woman with facial tattoos. I’m so pumped to be able to bring these photos out of the archives for all to enjoy and hopefully educate people about the tattooing traditions that have existed here in North America.

University of British Columbia-Okanagan Undergraduate Research Award

I’m so excited to have been awarded an Undergraduate Research Award which means I will be spending my summer researching Nlaka’pamux tattooing and being paid to do this research. I will be spending many hours searching and looking through photos at Museums and Archives as well as reading journals written by settlers, missionaries, fur traders etc to look for any evidence of early tattooing accounts.

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Mohawk and Mahican Tattooing (Iroquois)

While searching the Canada Archives website I found these amazing paintings by John Verelst, the first painting is entitled. Sagayenkwaraton (baptized Brant). Named Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow, King of the Maquas (Mohawk)  It depicts a Mohawk King with an amazing example of the rich history of Tattooing in North America among its Indigenous peoples. Verelst has painted tattoos on the arms, chest and face of Sagayenkwaraton

Indian Face, Chest, and Arm Tattoos

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