Siberian Yupik Tattoo Revival

As I was thumbing through Colin Dale’s Facebook page I found this exciting article that was posted on one of my favorite tattoo blogs it is from the Anchorage Daily News which Features Yaari Kingeekuk and her beautiful ancestral tattoos.

Check the article out here

She tells of her life in this beautiful video clip which is filled with pictures of her life and family.

These two pieces I found on here:

Colin Dale in “Ancient Ink” Skin Stitch tattooing

The first time I seen this I was amazed and now even more so now that I am connected with it in such an intimate way. Watch as Colin tattoos a Nordic design with a needle and thread as my ancestors would have.

I can’t wait to get a tattooed like this.

Colin Dale Skin Stitch tattooing

In my research the only person I have found who has revived the art of skin stitching is a Canadian born person of Scandinavian descent. Here are a few videos that show him working on a skin stitch tattoo and his inspiration for looking back into the history of tattooing to revive a few older forms. I would love the opportunity to get tattooed by him and maybe be taught something about skin stitch tattooing. It would be a dream to have him come to Canada and possibly tattoo me in my ancestors community.

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