Let me tell you about who I am,
About Skin Stitch Tattoo my name is Dion Kaszas, I am a person of mixed Hungarian, Métis, Hawaiian, and Nlaka’pamux heritage and an urban Bill C-31 member of the Lower Nicola Indian band in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada. As a professional tattoo artist my artistic production and scholarly academic work is influenced by, focused on or somehow related to my obsession with tattooing. Whether I am working with traditional mediums like oil, watercolor or graphite or experimenting with mixed media collage, new media, video or tattooing on the canvas of the human body my work speaks too, from, about or includes tattoos, tattooing or tattooed people.

The stitching, sewing or poking of tattoos into the skin was a practice my Nlaka’pamux ancestors undertook for many reasons including but not limited to coming of age ceremonies, spiritual quests to find their spirit helper or to beautify themselves. Today I stitch, poke, paint, draw, edit and create so that the generations who come after me have a living, strong, vibrant tattooing tradition informed by our teachings, our methods and our imagery. As I work to revive my ancestral tattooing traditions I share my gifts, my talent, and my knowledge because it is my responsibility.

This blog was originally created to share with you my journey into the revival of my ancestral Nlaka’pamux tattooing tradition and my experiences and insights gathered through my academic travels. It continues to operate in these two ways but has grown to include the sharing of my work as a visual artist and painter and highlight my travels.

Stay tuned to see what comes next…