Just Updated the Website

With this update I have re-formatted the website so that it is more user friendly. I have added Tattoo Galleries for the pictures and resources I have of many Indigenous Nations and labeled them as such.

I have just added pcitures of haida Crest Tattoos and added some more refernces from the James Teit Booklet on Thompson Tattooing.

Hunting for Primary Source Documents of Thompson Tattoos

I have spent the past month looking for pictures on online archives that show my ancestors tattooing practices, I have come up with many examples of other nations tattoos but none from my own nation. At times I feel defeated but then realize that I have just figured out where not to look.

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Website Updates

I have updated the website with a bunch of new pictures, the last few days of last week were spent trying to get the administrative process going so as to allow me to take my trip to the Museum and Archives in Merritt. I am begining to learn that the wheels of administration in academia grind slowly. More online photograph archival research today.

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Days Activities and Inuit and Algonquian tattooing

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth trying to get paperwork filled out and right, so as to have my trip next week approved I became a little obsessed with my archival research and almost didn’t stop staring into the computer monitor. I have updated the website and found many new examples of Inuit and Algonquian tattooing. I have not found any Nlaka’pamux tattoo examples but am enjoying bringing these resources forward to help other Indigenous peoples reclaim their traditional tattoos.

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Planning, Planning, Planning

The past few days have been filled with beginning to set out the pictograph sites I am going to visit and setting out the preliminary itinerary as well as finding maps and logistical resources. One of the major pictograph sites I will be visiting is the Nlaka’pamux Stein Valley Heritage park as it has a high concentration of  amazing rock art, done by my ancestors. The second site will be a pictograph site located near Monk park on Nicola Lake. I am preparing a supply list and beginning to fill out the paperwork for these trips, as I need safety clearance from the University.

The other thing I have been working on is planning out my trip to the Langley Museum to look at the Pearson basket Collection to find inspiration for some contemporary Nlaka’pamux tattoo designs. I just finished short essay on Nlaka’pamux basketry for my Indigenous Art History class which I will post either later tonight or tomorrow.

After I have visited the Nicola Valley Museum and Archive in Merritt, BC I will be considering other archives to visit.

A few exciting events I will be attending that are not directly associated with my research is a Nlaka’pamux nation gathering and a language revitalization meeting.

Me-search, We-search and Re-search

Me-search, We-search and Re-search

I continue on this journey to finding traditional tattoos of my ancestors I have once again forced myself to take a step back and over the past few days concentrated on me search. Which is a fundamental research methodology found in Indigenous  studies, it asks researchers to look at themselves and see why they are engaged in the research they are.  As can be seen from past posts I am engaged in this research to try and connect two of my passions academia and tattoos. Secondly I am on a journey of re-connection with my heritage and traditional knowledge systems. As part of this process I have begun to read a book entitled “Our Tellings: Interior Salish Stories of the Nlha7kapmx People.” It has been amazing to finally get a chance to red the stories that make up my history, my past and my future. Having a basic knowledge of these stories will help me as I seek out pictographs.

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Midweek Switch up

As I have been going through the many online archive sources I have not come across a single Nlaka’pamux tattoo source, I at first was a little discouraged about this. I have however found many examples of many other nations tattoos. I have a hunch that the sources I am looking for are in local archives which  I am going to head out to at the end of this month. The fact that I have found sources for these other Indigenous peoples tattoos is encouragement that sources for my ancestors are out there.

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Archival Research

I am just beginning my second week of research project that is searching for primary source documents of my ancestors tattooing practices, the Nlaka’pamux. As I search the online archives it has been proving difficult to find specific photos that reference my ancestors I have uncovered as few that are records of other nations.  I am hopeful that when I get into the actual physical local archives that some more things will surface, I will be posting more pictures as I find them here is a painting done by George Catlin of a Sioux woman with chin tattoos.

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